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    In the News: Whites get more spots at top Chicago high schools

    Posted on Apr 28, 2014 in Catalyst Chicago


    An analysis by the Chicago Sun-Time shows that more spots are going to white students at the city’s top four public high schools. At Walter Payton College Prep on the Near North Side, more than 41 percent of freshmen admitted the past four years have been white, compared to 29 percent in 2009, a Chicago Sun-Times analysis of CPS data has found.

    And at Whitney Young College Prep on the Near West Side, the percentage of black freshmen has steadily declined in the past three years, while the percentage of whites has risen.

    THE VALUE OF TEACHERS: When information is available in abundance, teachers will still be subject matter experts, but their true value will lie in their ability to facilitate and share the expertise of their students, according to an article by Shawn McCusker for the blog MindShift. (KQED)

    ALL ABOUT COMPUTERS, NOT THE SCIENCE: The nation’s high school students spend little time studying the computer science that is the basis of the computers that consumer so much of their lives. Few are taught to write lines of code, and few take classes that delve into the workings of the Internet or explain how to create an app. (The Washington Post)

    MANAGING TEACHER TRAINING: The Obama administration plans to use tens of millions in federal financial aid as leverage to reward teacher training programs that produce teachers who routinely raise student test scores — and to drive the rest out of business. (Politico)

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    Stories and items from the Catalyst Chicago Front Page